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Puppies for Sale New Jersey

At ThePuppyBoutique.com, we specialize in very small animals - toy breeds, very tiny teacup dogs and pocket-size dogs. We work with a small group of private breeders that home-raise their puppies to produce dogs that are well socialized, bred for temperament, and conform to the highest breed standard. Our breeders are USDA-registered and we are affiliated with several kennel clubs such as AKC, ACA, GKC, and DRA.

Our Process

We’re here to help you find the perfect puppy to bring home to New Jersey. When you visit Puppy Boutique in New York City, we’ll assist you in selecting the puppy with the best personality for your lifestyle. Our staff offers a personalized service in your puppy selection. They are available to answer questions and provide you with specific care instructions in order to make the puppy-buying process as easy as possible for you.

We receive new puppies frequently and post pictures on our website when new ones arrive. Be sure to check our site for the most up-to-date available puppies.

What Is Included In The Purchase Of My Puppy?

After bringing your puppy home with you, we offer:

  • A one-year health guarantee
  • 2 free vet exams
  • 14 days to have the puppy evaluated by a veterinarian of your choosing to confirm the health of your new puppy
  • All puppies are vaccinated according to age and de-wormed on schedule
  • 24-hour customer service helpline if you need tips on caring for your puppy or have any questions at all

Our veterinarian makes two on-site trips each week to our location in order to ensure the proper health of our puppies, which includes confirming the controlled room temperate. Our staff also ensure the puppies have fresh water and food available 24 hours a day, and nutritional vitamins are provided two times daily to promote the health of our puppies.

Breeding & Licensing

Each of our breeders have been breeding for at least 10 years. They do not inbreed or line breed any of our puppies. Puppy Boutique is fully licensed with the New York State Department of Health (NYS Pet Dealer PD00181). Additionally, we hold a certificate in animal care and handling (# 98-ACHT-399).

New Puppy in New Jersey: Frequently Asked

No, we do not ship puppies to you in New Jersey. You must pick up your new puppy in person at our New York City location. If you’d like to coordinate a time to pick up your puppy or visit with our new puppies, please call us at 718.306.4136 or email us at Puppyboutique@aol.com. We are open 7 days a week from 11 am to 9 pm.

We have many puppies available for you to choose from. This includes Yorkshire Terrier puppies, Chihuahua puppies, Maltese puppies, and Shih-Tzu puppies at our pet store.

The price of our puppies will vary depending on the particular one you select. If you have specific questions regarding our new puppies, we are more than happy to help. Please contact us at Puppyboutique@aol.com or call 718.306.4136.

Puppies are adorable and bring so much joy to anyone’s life. A puppy is best for you if you have the time available to give them the attention and care they need. After all, they are essentially babies and cannot be left alone. They will also need to be housebroken and trained. While puppies are very cute and fun, they do require a higher level of care for a few months after bringing them home - it helps to know this ahead of time so that you can be prepared and give yourself and your new puppy the most enjoyable experience possible.

When it comes to potty training your new puppy when you bring them home, it’s important to be patient and consistent. All puppies can learn to be house-broken, but it takes time to teach them where to use the restroom (whether it’s on a pad at first or outside). The key is to be consistent, showing them every single day where they use the bathroom. For example, this might mean taking them outside first thing every morning, at lunchtime, and again in the evening. With enough practice and time, your puppy will learn and this will result in an overall great experience for both you and your puppy.

We have a group of private breeders who breed dogs within the home. This ensures our puppies are well-socialized and have a healthy temperament.

Yes, each of our breeders is registered with the USDA.

The safest place to buy a puppy is a location where the puppies are taken care of in a manner that promotes the best health possible for them. This includes receiving regular on-site vet visits, providing the puppies with daily vitamins, making food and water accessible to them at all times of day, controlling the temperature in their environment that is most comfortable for them, and of course, breeding them according to the highest breeding standards.

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