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We're PuppyPetite.com and we specialize in toy breeds and miniature-sized dogs bred by reputable private breeders who raise their puppies in a caring and loving home environment. We find this approach results in a dog that is bred for an even temperament, properly socialized and exceeding all of the standards that are expected of their respective breeds. At PuppyPetite.com, we ensure that every breeder with whom we work is registered and affiliated with all of the highly regarded kennel clubs such as the ACA, the AKC, the GKC, and DRA.

Selecting Your Puppy

Let's find your new best friend in the Bronx! Selecting a puppy that fits in with your lifestyle is an extremely important decision and our staff is well-equipped to offer the level of personalized attention you would come to expect from a seller with our level of experience and expertise. We can answer any questions you might have about the purchase and care of a new puppy and take the guesswork out of preparing for your new pet's arrival.

We take every effort to make sure this is a memorable experience and look fondly upon the day you welcomed a new puppy into your home. Take a look at our website to see which puppies are available right now. We are always adding new puppy profiles almost everyday, so feel free to browse the photos of our cute new additions any time.

Why Buy from PuppyPetite.com?

Our mission is to find loving homes for all of our puppies. Whether you're a first-time puppy owner or you're no stranger to caring for puppies and dogs, buying from PuppyPetite.com brings with it a whole list of perks to make your purchase safe and easy:

  • A one-year health guarantee
  • 2 free veterinarian exams
  • 14 day period to have your puppy evaluated by a veterinarian of your choice
  • All puppies are vaccinated according to age and de-wormed on schedule
  • 24-hour customer service helpline

Protecting the Health of our Puppies

Nothing else is more important than the health of the puppies we sell. To ensure their well being, we have a veterinary team visit the puppies twice a week to monitor the room temperature where they reside, check that food and water is clean and available for them 24/7, and provide a regimen of vitamins to promote good health.

Breeding & Licensing Requirements

PuppyPetite.com has a strict criteria for all of our affiliated breeders. We put each one through a rigorous vetting process to confirm the breeder has been in business for at least a decade and refrains from the practices of inbreeding or line-breeding their dogs. This is done to assure you, the customer, that your puppy is healthy when you take him or her home with you.

We are fully licensed and certified in the sale, care, and handling of live animals under the New York State Department of Health (NYS Pet Dealer #PD00181 and #98-ACHT-399).

Frequently Asked Questions about Purchasing a New
Puppy in the Bronx:

The following are some of the common questions we receive most often about the sale and ownership of a puppy in the Bronx:

We will not ship any of our puppies. All puppies must be picked up in person at our location in New York City. The purchaser should first schedule an appointment to pick up their new puppy by calling 718.306.4136 or emailing us at puppypetite@aol.com. We are open seven days a week from 11am to 9pm. If you are a prospective buyer interested in meeting some of the puppies that we have for sale, please contact us and we can set a time for you to come visit.

We primarily offer toy and miniature breeds such as Yorkshire Terriers, Maltese, Shih-Tzu, and Chihuahua puppies at our New York City location. Our selection changes often and we always have a variety of puppies ready to take home.

The prices of our puppies vary depending on the puppy. We are happy to answer any questions about any puppy including cost, breeding, and other important information that can help you make a decision on purchasing one of our wonderful puppies. Please direct any questions or inquiries to our staff members by phone at 718.306.4136 or email at puppypetite@aol.com

Before purchasing a puppy it's important to understand that owning a puppy is a commitment that you shouldn't take lightly. A puppy is going to rely on you for everything and you need to be sure that your lifestyle will permit ample time to raise and love your new member of the family. Feeding, raising, playtime, potty-training, all of these things are vital for a puppy to mature into a full-grown dog. This is a process that takes patience, kindness, and generosity.

Remember, a puppy still needs your love, devotion, and commitment as he or she reaches maturity. Don't discard the animal once the puppy phase has ended. This is not fair to the dog as he or she will never understand what happened.

If you are unable to find enough time for pet ownership or feel unprepared to make a commitment to your puppy after he or she has grown older, then a puppy is not right for you.

The two most important aspects of potty training your puppy are repetition and patience. Teaching the puppy not to go potty in the house is going to take some time and we suggest you start by using housebreaking pads until the puppy starts to learn. You must establish a schedule for walks and stick to it. This way the puppy is taught not to go to the bathroom in the house but outside instead. The more time you take to practice, the better off you will be teaching your puppy right from wrong when it comes to going potty.

PuppyPetite.com works closely with a small group of verified private dog breeders who have adopted strict standards for the breeding of puppies. All of our breeders have at least ten years' experience and the puppies are bred in accordance with our strict criteria. This way, you know your puppy is healthy, properly socialized, and well-mannered.

Yes, all of our breeders are currently registered with the USDA.

The best way to purchase a puppy is through a licensed and certified dealer in puppies. That way you can be sure you are working with a reputable pet store who is looking after the health and safety of the puppies that are available for purchase. We make sure all of our puppies receive routine veterinary check-ups and daily vitamins, nutritious food, and clean, fresh water.

If you are unsure which puppy breed is best for you and your lifestyle, why not come to our New York location and spend some time with toy breeds like Chihuahuas, Shih-Tzu's, Yorkies, and Maltese to see if you enjoy their energy and personality. These are all great dogs once you get to know them. But if you don't find joy in these breeds, maybe another breed is the one that is best for you.

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